How can I customize my messages to contacts?

You can personalize the messages that your chosen contacts receive if you activate a Check-in or Alert. Set your own Check-in message to let your chosen contacts know that all is well or set your own message to describe what a Yellow or Red Alert means to you and let your chosen contacts know how to react.

This features is available on the latest version of the Revolar app. To personalize your Check-ins, Yellow Alerts, and Red Alerts, open the app:

  • Tap the Settings Cog
  • Tap “Customize My Messages.”
  • Select an alert type
  • Tap "+" to add a new custom message
  • Tap "Save"


You'll be able to add up to 3 custom messages for each alert that can switch between at anytime. Note there isn't the ability to include a tailored message specific to each designated contact at this time.


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