Does my Revolar wearable contact 911 or emergency services?


Revolar provides a way for users to send an alert to up to five confirmed contacts selected by the user into the Revolar app. At this time, Revolar does not call 911 or any other emergency service when a user initiates an alert. Neither 911 nor any other emergency service should be listed as a Revolar contactThere are actually a number of reasons why this is the case.

For context, Revolar alerts are currently sent through text messages and emails, and the FCC recommends that you always contact 911 through a voice call, if possible. That’s because, according to the FCC, in most cases you cannot reach 911 by sending a text message — and we want to make sure Revolar alerts don’t go unanswered.

Also, in order for 911 operators to request emergency responders, the operators must ask a number of questions. For a person experiencing an emergency situation, it’s extremely difficult or impossible to answer these questions. That’s why Revolar sends information about the user’s location and status to loved ones, so if necessary they’re able to call emergency services, answer the operator’s questions, and get help sent to the person in need.

There’s also the issue of call volume. As extraordinary as 911 operators are, their call centers can become inundated — leaving the caller on hold. For someone who is in an emergency, it can be an advantage for them to be able to focus on the situation at hand while their loved one coordinates with emergency responders on their behalf.

Lastly, sending for emergency responders isn’t always the Revolar user’s desired response. That’s why the Revolar wearable can send both Yellow (2 presses) and Red (3+ presses) Alerts. The Revolar user and their contacts should have a conversation about what each of these alert levels means for them. It could be that a Yellow Alert is a discreet way to say, “I’m uncomfortable, call me or pick me up”, whereas a Red Alert might mean, “I need help now.”

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